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Coaster Furniture is one of the leading National Furniture Manufacturers and Distributors. Coaster Furniture offers a large diverse product line with the best quality, latest designs, and value for today's consumer. At Coaster Furniture you will find quality and great value living room, bedroom, dining room, home office, entertainment, and accent furniture, as well as bedding, mattresses, rugs and more.

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Customer Reviews

  1. Pines Counter Height Dining Room Set (Black)

    Love it!

    by Geanna Mulvihill

    Product came in perfect condition and was assembled in a few hours. I only wish they offered read more
  2. Asymmetrical Cube Display Cabinet

    Its ok

    by DA

    It took two of us to decipher instructions - misleading and confusing. We had to undo several read more
  3. Victoria Leather Chair


    by Pina

    Delighted with my order of two leather chairs. Arrived in secure packaging in about 3 weeks. read more

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10106 Series 10339 Series 12045 Series 50s Abernathy Abigail
Abrams Accent Chairs Accent Pillows Accent Seating Acklin Addison
Adjustable Alessandro Alexis Allston Alston Alyssa
Amherst Andenne Andrea Andreas Andrews Anisa
Antique Bronze Antonelli Arcadia Arlington Ashington Ashland
Ashton Asterisk Atlus Augustin Austin Avery
Avila Avison Avondale Avram Ayde Baby Natalia
Bachman Baines Bar Stools Barett Barritt Barzini
Beasley Beaux Beckett Bedford Bella Bellany
Bellevue Bellini Benbrook Benches Bentley Benton
Berkshire Bethany Bevington Bingham Black and Silver Bling
Bling Game Bloomfield Boltzero Boston Boyd Boyer
Brannan Braxton Brenner Briana Briarcliff Bridgeport
Briscoe Bristol Broderick Brooks Bryce Burton
Byron C-Shaped Cabianca Cabrillo Cairns Calabasas
Caldwell Caleb California Coastal Cambridge Cameron Camille
Camo Camouflage Campbell Cappuccino Caprice Carlsbad
Carlton Carnahan Caroline Carone Carrington Carter
Casey Castana Cermak Chaises Chaisson Chapman
Charlene Charlie Charlotte Chaviano Cherry Brown Chester
Chestnut Chloe Chomedey Chrome Clarendon Clarice
Claude Claxton Clear Acrylic Clemente Clifford Cloverdale
Clyde Cobalt Colona Colton Commercial Grade Connect-It
Conner Contemporary Contemporary Chrome Cooper Coral Cornelia
Coronado Crest Crest Hill Crisscross Cupertino Curios
Custer Cyrus Dabny Dalgarno Damen Damiano
Danette Daphne Darby Darie Dark Brown Dark Mahogany
Davie Delange Denley Devine Devon Diego
Dilleston Distressed Country Division Dixie Dominique Dorsett
Doyle Drift Wood Driftwood DuBarry Dupree Dylan
Edmonton Eldridge Elk Grove Ellery Ellesmere Elliot
Elmwood Emerson Enedina Erickson Esther Estrella
Evans Evanston Faccini Fairhaven Farrah Fattori
Faymoor Felecity Felicity Fenbrook Fenmore Ferdinand
Ferguson Finlay Finley Fire Engine Fisher Florence
Fontana Fordham Fountain Franco Franklin Freda
Fullerton Furiani Gallagher Galloway Galway Garroway
Garson Garza Geneva Genoa Giada Gianna
Giovanni Glavan Glossy Black Glossy White Gordon Granados
Grand Prado Greenough Grove Gus Halle Hamilton
Hampshire Hancox Hardin Harris Harrison Harsen
Hasket Haskin Havering Hermosa Beach High Gloss Highland
Hillary and Scottsdale Hilliard Holbrook Home Accents Homecrest Hounslow
Hudson Humfrye Hunter Ilana Iman Imperial
Industrial Industrial Rustic Inwood Isabelle Jacob Jacobsen
Jacques Jaden Jasmine Jasper Jaxson Jenson
Jeremaine Jervis Jessica Johansson Jonas Juliette
Karlee Kauffman Kay Kayla Kayson Keaton
Keller Kelvington Kenneth Kersey Kesson Kingsburg
Kyan La Salle Lacombe Lahner Lambert Lana
Lancashire Lancaster Lanchester Lathrop Laughton Lavon
Lawson Layton Lazy Life Leandro LeClair Led
Lee Leighton Leisure Lemoore Leskow Levine
Lexton Liam Libby Linwood Lipscomb Livingston
Lockhart Logan Lorretta Los Feliz Louanna Louis Philippe
Louisa Lowry Ludolf Lyell MacKenzie Maclay
Macpherson Maddison Madeleine Madison Maguire Mallory
Malone Manessier Marietta Marshall Mason Massi
Matisse Mauve Maxine Maxwell Maywood Meadowbrook
Menifee Meredith Merlot Mid-Century Modern Middleton Millie
Milton Miranda Mission Style Mitchell Mix and Match Modern
Monika Montague Montbrook Monticello Mulligan Murik
Murillo Myleene Myrtle Nacey Nagel Natalia
Natural Nelms Nessa Newbridge Newhouse Nicolas
Niguel Noah Noble Noella Norah Normandie
Norwood Oakdale Oakwood Odelia Office Chairs Ogletown
Oleta Oliver Olson Ontario Ophelia Orval
Oswego Owen Padima Page Palmetto Papineau
Park Place Parker Parkins Parson Chairs Pavillion Pavillion Home
Paxton Pedestal Style Peel Pepper Pergola Peyton
Phoenix Pickett Pines Piper Pissarro Plano
Pratten Princeton Quinn Ramona Rattan Redbridge
Regalvale Regatta Regina Reige Remington Reventlow
Rich Cappuccino Riverbend Roan Robion Rocking Chairs Rodman
Rogan Romanus Rosalie Rosanna Rosario Rosenberg
Rossine Roy Rustic Rustic Industrial Rustic Wooden Saint Charles
Saint Laurent Salizar Salvaged Cabin Samuel San Marcos San Vicente
Sandy Beach Sandy Black Saville Scottsdale Selena Serenity
Shasta Shearwater Sheldon Shoemaker Sierra Simpson
Sir Rawlinson Skelton Slauson Slim Contemporary Smoked Glass Sofie
Soho Solano Solomon Sothell Spanish Revival Spring Creek
Stanley Stansall Stanton Stapleton Stephan Stockton
Stonenesse Stoney Creek Stuart Tabitha Talia Tamiami
Tanner Taraval Telegraph Tess Tia Toohey
Train Trivellato Tully Turk Union Hill Urbana
Valentina Vance Venice Ventura Versaille Vessot
Viceroy Victoria Vintage Violet Vista Waller
Washbourne Weathered Weathered Grey Webber Weissman Westbrook
Wexford White Willem Willemse Williamsburg Willowbrook
Wiltshire Winfred Wingfield Wood River Workstation Wrangle Hill
X Styled Base X-Motif Yasmine Yorkshire Youth Seating Yvette
Zachary Zimmerman
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