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BarcaLounger has been an industry leader since producing its first recliners in the 1940's. Always known for high quality, luxurious comfort and innovative design, the Barcalounger brand has become a household name when referring to reclining chairs. Our success at changing with the times while remaining true to the core characteristics that we built our brand on has proven to be our greatest strength. Today's recliners are suitable for every lifestyle from traditional "marshmallow" recliners to sleek contemporary designs and sophisticated vintage looks. We specialize in fashioning designs that suit every decor and any room.

BarcaLounger Reviews

  • Regency II Recliner (Burgundy)
    Regency II Recliner (Burgundy) by Joan from Covington, GA on July 25, 2012

    Great Recliner Service is excellent. Quality is excellent. Leather is soft as butter and recliner is extremely comfortable. Looks expensive. It IS expensive.