The master bedroom should be a quiet retreat from the rest of the house. A place to relax, unwind and, of course, sleep. We offer a wide range of furniture pieces to furnish your dream bedroom. We offer you a quality bedroom furniture selection that includes beds, nightstands, dressers, chests, media chests, bedroom benches and armoires. Make every night's sleep unforgettable with the right bed.

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Customer Reviews

  • Willow Slat Bedroom Set (Distressed Pine)
    Willow Slat Bedroom Set (Distressed Pine) by Cori on December 22, 2013

    WONDERFUL!!!! I was looking for a rustic, pine bedroom set that looked truly real and handmade. I've been tired of laminate furniture that just looks fake, far too reproduced and cheap. This is anything but that! Every person who's been in my bedroom to see the furniture asks if it was hand made. It's a wonderful light/medium wood color and perfect for the cabin/rustic/country feel we were going for. One thing I want to point out, which could be good or bad for someone (but was great for us) is that this furniture is rough. There's a potential for splinters if you run your hand over the surface. It's not terrible, but if you're looking for something smooth, this isn't the furniture for you. As I said, this has a true, made by hand look and FEEL to it. Also, this furniture is BIG! If you like the sturdy, solid look, like we do, then go for it, because we couldn't have been happier. But if you're looking for something sleek and small, this isn't it. And finally, the only thing I found about this set that I kind of didn't like was that the drawers are not the slide ones, which means it's not the 100% smooth drawer movement, however, we haven't had any issues with the drawers sticking or being hard to pull out or push in. So if you're looking for the metal slide drawers, this set doesn't have it, but to me, it's not something that would have changed my mind. Overall, this set is wonderful! I haven't ever seen anything like it in the stores, which is why we trusted going with the pictures online and found out we were INCREDIBLY satisfied and happy with it! :)

  • Alisdair Dresser
    Alisdair Dresser by Joyce on August 20, 2016

    gorgeous dresser I am very pleased with this purchase. Got this for my son and love the way it looks in his bedroom. Good price. much cheaper than at Ashley Home Store

  • Bostwick Shoals Dresser
    Bostwick Shoals Dresser by Dogluv20 on September 14, 2011

    Very nice looking for this price This web store had the best price on the set and I had no problems with delivery or the quality of the product. Very impressed with the customer service and the very quick response. I would definitely shop here in the future.

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