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At FurnitureCart We know that a room can often feel incomplete if it lacks certain pieces, so that’s why we believe our rugs and accessories can give a home warmth, style and character all at the same time.

Customer Reviews

  • Grant Indoor-Outdoor Bough Out GD01 Orange Rug
    Grant Indoor-Outdoor Bough Out GD01 Orange Rug by Miss from CA on July 14, 2012

    Love my rug When I first unwrapped it, I thought it wasnt going to be comfortable (texture appeard a bit rough). To my surprise it is! It is very soft and comfy under foot. It is also a loop pile so it does tend to be prone to pulls.

  • Wexford - Black Rug
    Wexford - Black Rug by Beauty on September 22, 2013

    IconD This sofa set is elegant simplicity. The pattern on pillows is perfect. It blends with both modern and traditional styles around it. And it is comfortable!

  • Charlotte - Brown Rug
    Charlotte - Brown Rug by A. Boyle, NJ on September 17, 2011

    Excellent Value and Style This is an excellent living set. I've had it for more than 3 month and it looks wonderful. It's nice and deep and the cushions are incredibly comfortable. It's a great value for the quality. I highly recommend it.

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