Living Room Furniture

Your living room is the place where you spend most of your time. Your kids, family, friends, all family and social life revolves around living room. So it's important that this room has proper furniture since it sets a tone for the rest of the house: it says a lot of about you as a homeowner and as a person. We have a wide selection of living room furniture to help you choose the style that reflects what you want your living room to look and feel like. Go ahead and browse through our wide selection of living room sets, sofas, sectionals, loveseats, sleepers, and recliners.

Customer Reviews

  • Brancaster Loveseat
    Brancaster Loveseat by shelley on October 18, 2017

    Very unique. Beautiful couches! It is comfy and love the mid century look! The leather is high quality. The single cushion is great.... makes it easy for snuggling!

  • Princeton Leather Living Room Set
    Princeton Leather Living Room Set by Becky Johns on October 4, 2017

    luxurious I took one star out because the cushions can't be flipped. Otherwise they are beautiful and elegant. Real leather and good quality. To me, the color is dark brown and different shades of burgundy which are minimal. They have a unique mix of brownish shades. We are enjoying the comfort too. My husband does not get out of the sofa now!

  • Siesta Queen Sleeper (Chocolate)
    Siesta Queen Sleeper (Chocolate) by Alex D on November 30, 2016

    Great looking and comfy sofa for a multipurpose/home theater room I was looking for a sofa bed that I would put in my multipurpose/home theater room. I was a little hesitant to purchase a couch which had no reviews and that I haven't seen or felt in person before. But this couch fit every requirement and through the door too! The sofa when delivered came well protected. It was fully wrapped in cardboard and plastic wrap. Some of it may need to be removed in order to fit through a standard size exterior door. When I first read the dimensions online, it seemed it would not fit through the exterior door to my basement (standard opening with a width of 35.5" with door removed). I took a chance and bought it anyways. The sofa easily went through the opening at an angle after the door was taken off its hinges and the feet of the sofa removed. You will need multiple people as the sofa bed is really heavy. After unwrapping the couch, you really see how well its built. The frame is incredibly thick plywood and reinforced in key areas. The pull out queen was also easy to set up and the metal frame sturdy. There were no weird odors and that is a plus. The couch is incredibly comfortable. The seat cushion is very thick and firm, while the back, head, and arm areas are softer -I would say in the middle of softness and firmness. The fabric is also really smooth and soft and feels more like velvet. The pull out bed is what one should expect out of a sleeper. Nothing special about it but if you put a foam topper on it, it becomes a decent bed. If you put a topper on it, it will not be able to close unless your topper can compress A LOT. Only time will tell how durable this couch is but from first impressions, it is a great couch and I plan on buying two reclining loveseats from the same collection. It supports the head and body just right for movie viewing. I've included some photos of the couch under 2700K (warm white) LED lighting. The room is well lit but not sun-shining through the window bright. Expect the couch to be lighter if place in room with windows and sun coming in.

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