Shop By Style

  • Traditional Style


    Classy and elegant TRADITIONAL style. It typically features graceful ornamentation, straightened lines, and tapered legs. With its roots in the 18th century of English and French countryside, this furniture design has the regal touch and antique look. It is warm and inviting, ultimately comfortable and often oversized and overly decorated. Traditional furniture features rich wood, fabrics and upholstery, employs sophisticated patterns.

  • Transitional Style


    TRANSITIONAL furniture blends modern and traditional styles together, taking the best of the two extremes, and appears timeless and classic. The furniture is casual and universal, providing comfort both for masculine and feminine rooms. The lines in transitional furniture design are gently curved with no sharp edges. Carving appears as an accent or an embellishment. Decoration with minimal accessories highlights the simplicity and sophistication of the design.

  • Contemporary Style


    Designed following the current trends, CONTEMPORARY furniture features clean lines and shapes with bold geometric patterns. It provides the simplicity in its best form combined with function, leaving behind embellishments and extras. Contemporary furniture is subtle and urban, has soft edges and smooth profiles. Shapes are simple, usually square or round. Designed up to date with the latest trends in modern decor and trendsetting styles, it gives the home a fresh look.