Living Room Furniture

Your living room is the place where you spend most of your time. Your kids, family, friends, all family and social life revolves around living room. So it's important that this room has proper furniture since it sets a tone for the rest of the house: it says a lot of about you as a homeowner and as a person. We have a wide selection of living room furniture to help you choose the style that reflects what you want your living room to look and feel like. Go ahead and browse through our wide selection of living room sets, sofas, sectionals, loveseats, sleepers, and recliners.

Customer Reviews

  • Keereel Sand Chair And A Half
    Keereel Sand Chair And A Half by NavaN on November 8, 2016

    Fell in love with this chair! Perfect! My concern was that it might be too big for my small living room, but it worked out so well--purchased the matching ottoman and I get so many compliments on them--very comfortable and roomy! Everybody loves it--and it goes perfectly with the Ashley sofa I purchased. A purchase I am extremely happy with.

  • Ray Reversible Sectional w/ Sleeper
    Ray Reversible Sectional w/ Sleeper by Holly Bree on August 9, 2017

    Comfort is guaranteed. Lovely fabric! Very good upholstery, love the feel to touch, interchangeable chaise gives a lot of options, great for the ppl who like to rearrange and move the furniture in the house from time 2 time. Recommended to buy

  • Hamar Sofa Bed (Blue)
    Hamar Sofa Bed (Blue) by Hanna on January 12, 2018

    not so comfortable on padding The back doesn't feel very strong. If you lean back the whole thing flexes with you... I'm always afraid someone is going to break it. However, it was a cheap sofa.

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