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  • Ananya Wall Art
    Ananya Wall Art by Beauty on September 22, 2013

    IconD This sofa set is elegant simplicity. The pattern on pillows is perfect. It blends with both modern and traditional styles around it. And it is comfortable!

  • Large Storage Bench w/ Baskets
    Large Storage Bench w/ Baskets by Sofia on December 19, 2017

    assembly instructions Very nice. A little difficult to assemble and it is important to read the directions very, very carefully. Once assembled it is very nice.

  • Lavelle Console Table Mirror (Blanc)
    Lavelle Console Table Mirror (Blanc) by Lorraine, Basking Ridge, NJ on October 19, 2017

    Amazing!! The couches are beautiful and details in the wood are amazing!! They have the most gorgeous detailing in the pillows I couldn't believe it! Thank you so much, we will get many happy years of use out of them!

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