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Glory Furniture is a family-owned wholesale furniture business that has its roots in retail furniture. Glory has grown to be the premier importer of bedroom sets, youth bedrooms and living room sets, in the New York / New Jersey and Pennsylvania region. Glory furniture offers wide variety of today's best-selling home furnishings. Glory Furniture is committed to having today's most sought-after looks in stock for fast delivery. When your customer chooses Glory they can be assured of getting Value, Style, and Quality.

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Customer Reviews

  1. G2490 Dresser

    Very nice dresser

    by Carol

    Great quality, was delivered already assembled & was relatively easy to transport upstairs. read more
  2. G8875A Sleigh Storage Bed (Queen)


    by Debs NY

    All together great bed. Cherry color is not as bright in the picture (looks more like the read more

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G8850 G1205 Milan G56 G0055 G243
G1500 G2400 G3150 G1550 G835 G33
Newbury G65 G59 G2549 G21 G638
G842 G1800 G49 G8825 G135 G9800
G1275 G975 G3175 G11 G527 G834
G55 G76 G3180 G512 G640 G2588
G601 G203 G205 G28 G1525 G843
G0039 G517 G246 G0070 G909 G511
G1875 G3125 G309 G1570 G54 G906
G840 G904 G658 G250 G2900 G1505
G32 G461 G43 G2490 G42 G901
G249 G908 G0035 G300 G518 G0078
G2450 G3105 G1808 G1200 G3160 G0037
G875 Bunk Beds G836 G3190 G581 G17
G510 G2975 G15 G467 G2600 G247
G5925 G837 G149 G1700 G643 G847
G1835 G1250 G209 G586 Atria G2590
G525 G2587 G2800 G900 G0060 G907
G18 G8875 G470 G290 G821 G5950
G200 G502 G53 G516 G9000 G587
G3100 G902 G244 G1880 G2540 G52
G2599 G583 G134 Domino G48 G811
G589 G2750 G207 G656 G515 G1806
G0045 G195 G820 G2547 G529 G0010
G2567 G12 G474 G2545 G826 G905
G514 G588 G632 G2755 G2583 G503
G2405 G1225 G2589 G636 G138 G133
G242 G580 G513 Merak G849 G255
G473 G460 G472 G0015 G635 G637
G649 G1804 G2543 G1890 G2570 G841
G659 G2541 G303 G464 G585 G655
G831 G2563 G633 G19 G618 G465
G641 G118 G654 G111 G132 G0095
G528 G634 G2757 G113 G16 G80
G263 G57 G647 G305 G116 G27
G603 G2575 G0180 G0030 G823 G630
G2594 G827 G657 G2753 G1803 G307
G1860 G1802 G2875 G131 G1850 G645
G137 G2596 G2595 G2593 G115 G1855
G0025 G2553 G2573 G2574 G1807 Polaris
G1805 G631 G144 G2546 G140 Lucy
G903 G463 G505 G2577 G147 G2582
G142 Ascella G0050 G1801 G146 G504
G139 G112 G1810 G1825 Mira G462
G0048 G114 G136 G2572 G0032 G501
Electra G466 Vega G604 G145 Capella
G141 G2759 G2571 G23 G1809 G295
G475 G110 G2579 G471
Furniture Cart is the best place to shop for Glory Furniture products. Glory Furniture offers the best value in Bedroom Sets, Youth Bedroom Sets and Living Room Furniture. Shop Glory Furniture in Philadelphia (PA), New Jersey (NJ), New York (NYC), Delaware (DE), Maryland (MD), Virginia (VA), Washington D.C. (District of Columbia) area and surrounding counties.

Last Update 26th May 2017