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  1. Very Satisfied

    snooze2011 Oct 6, 2011
    Good quality for the price. Was very easy to assemble. The overall color of the bed is a grayish sage, and headboard is slightly curved (sleigh style), I didn't realize it from the picture. The headboard stands from the wall about 4-5 inches, what makes bed longer
  2. IconD

    Beauty Sep 22, 2013
    This sofa set is elegant simplicity. The pattern on pillows is perfect. It blends with both modern and traditional styles around it. And it is comfortable!
  3. Nice, But...

    D. Spitz from Portland, OR Aug 5, 2012
    Nice looking bench. However, legs do flex outward when someone with weight greater than 150 lbs. seats on it. Did not break, but I try not top sit on it anymore.

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